BMW S 1000 RR and the Portimao Supermodel

Posted on Tuesday, 10 November 2009 , 05:11:31 byEmil

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BMW S 1000 RR and the Portimao Supermodel

BMW went in Portugal to the Portimao circuit for photo sessions, for a few days featuring the 1st supersport model of the firm, BMW S 1000 RR. This campaign of advertising will be using the shots taken for promoting the BMW Motorrad Collection 2010.

Jurgen Fuchs and Josef Machler were the 2 riders used on the latest photoshoot, to get started testing the machine at 1 of the most blow minding racing venues worldwide, the Portimao circuit.

Josef says 'It was a very good shoot, but it took a lot of hard work and coordination in order to get the results we were looking for. Of course, riding the S 1000 RR at Portimao was the highlight, but we couldn’t get carried away because we had a job to do'.

'The main difficulty was riding with the camera car and ensuring that both vehicles were in the perfect position on track' noted Josef - ex rider for the National Endurance. 'The camera car driver didn’t have too much experience on-track and, of course, Jürgen and myself both understand track riding, so it was difficult at first to make sure we were getting the correct shots'.

BMW Motorrad, for securing the shots needed, enlisted also the CamCruiser Pacer's help, a Mini Cooper – specially-designed, following the S 1000 RR on the track of Portimao, capturing all the moves that bike can do.

Jurgen said 'Being one of the development riders for the S 1000 RR, I rode the bike quite a lot this year, but having Portimao for what was in essence a private session was great. It was my first time there and I was very impressed. It took a while to learn the circuit and for the first part of the week, I was following the camera car around, so never really had the opportunity to see what the S 1000 RR could really do. But in the second half of the week, I was able to really push. The bike was awesome and the circuit was just as impressive'.