Coulomb charging stations are available now in Australia

Posted on Wednesday, 11 November 2009 , 16:11:42 byEmil

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Coulomb charging stations are available now in Australia

Coulomb – the charging stations electric provider said it will start setting up Australian stations, as part of the agreement of exclusive distribution via ChargePoint. Their greater goal is, of course, tapping into the EV market, like the 1st electric cars are scheduled next year for Australia.

ChargePoint CEO - Luke Grana stated for the press 'ChargePoint Pty Ltd is enabling consumers and partners to be part of the electric car revolution in Australia by providing convenient plug-in facilities and services'.

'Coulomb Technologies is the only company we have found that has examined every facet of electric vehicle charging technology and developed the most comprehensive solution for partners. We are proud to have entered into this exclusive partnership to implement their technology in our market'.

The supplier with the charging solution will be forming pilot projects in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth in the next year beginning, to be used like an evaluation tool for charging behavior, load analysis of energy grid and environmental impact.

Senior Research Fellow in EVs and smart grids at Curtin University - Andrew Simpson said the brand new charging points definitely will not just help clients, but the energy providers too.

'Numerous studies have shown that there is the capacity for many electric vehicles to charge at off-peak times which can utilize grid assets more-effectively. This means cheap energy can be sold to electric motorists through infrastructure such as the ChargePoint Network'.

Simpson said 'There is a heightened awareness that electric transport is the way forward – electric cars are more sustainable, they will be affordable and can potentially emit zero emissions. The increasing support of governments, energy companies and consumers will result in the rapid expansion of this market in the coming years'.