Hyundai Genesis Coupe promoted on Times Square Billboard

Posted on Thursday, 12 November 2009 , 04:11:02 byEmil

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Hyundai Genesis Coupe promoted on Times Square Billboard

Some years ago Hyundai was considered as being a decent automaker that had a lot of vehicles that were priced very decent but at the same time were extremely unattractive from any point of view. Practically Hyundai was considered as being just another South Korean automaker that has low cost products of an average quality. Still, in the last couple of years the development team of the South Korean automaker has worked very heavily to create a couple of new extremely high quality models and new generations of old models that would completely change the attitude of prospective buyers when it comes to the Hyundai brand. Honestly, I can say that they actually did it. What Hyundai has done in the last couple of years is the perfect example of how hard working people can create high quality products, in this case automobiles.

Obviously, when you have high quality products, the advertising needs to be more aggressive, so that the customers to find out about what you offer. Thus, after the launch of the Hyundai Genesis Coupe during the Super Bowl coverage last year, now it was time that the South Korean automaker to launch another high profile advertising project. People living in New York and passing through Times Square in Manhattan will see a large Hyundai commercial. More precisely, a cube shaped billboard that has three display faces (two of the sides getting vinyl banners while the front one has LED screens showing a continuously updated stream of Hyundai video content). You really can say that Hyundai has evolved and is moving up in the world. It is just like some hard working guy gets a promotion and starts participating at high class events. Let us be honest, to afford to advertise your products in Times Square on a billboard means high class living.

Chris Perry, director of Marketing Communications of Hyundai Motor America has stated that ``As one of the world`s largest brands, Hyundai is actively looking for ways to integrate with the world`s biggest advertising venues, such as the Super Bowl, Academy Awards or the World Cup``. He continued by saying that ``Times Square billboards draw 1.5 million impressions daily and it is one of the most iconic locations for outdoor advertising, so it aligns perfectly with our overall brand strategy``.

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