GM Chairman is confident about the future

Posted on Friday, 13 November 2009 , 14:11:06 byEmil

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GM Chairman is confident about the future

Ed Whitacre - GM Chairman spoke for the public at Texas Lutheran Univeristy on 10th of Nov. 10, on Tuesday, emphasizing that the American-based builder is recovering quit slow; the board is expecting more improvements soon.

He affirmed during his speech 'We are getting into fighting shape. We are not there yet, but we are definitely on our way. This is a critical first step back to sustained growth. But to be honest, these structural improvements are not why I’m optimistic about GM’s future'.

'I’m optimistic for reasons that are more basic to what it takes to win. That starts with the quality of the vehicles we are producing and ends with the commitment of our people to succeed'.

Whitacre said GM is a firm more buyer-oriented now, willing to listen to the opinions of its customers before any decision is made on critical matters.

He stated 'Here’s just one example: in August, two weeks after we unveiled plans for a new Buick crossover, we canceled it. Public reaction…from employees, dealers, media and most importantly, from our customers…was clearly unfavorable to it. So, we listened and we moved on'.

'We know the best way to achieve those goals is to grow the company by giving customers the cars and trucks they want…with the quality they expect…and at a price they demand. As I said earlier, I am more comfortable with that goal today than when I started this job. We have a long way to go, but we are headed in the right direction. The people of GM understand that we have been given a rare second chance, and we are making the most of it'.

Whitacre has not discussed about Opel plans of General Motors as the chairman unveiled this month the concerns of EU really led to the firm retaining the German brand's possession.