Ford Fusion - the best selling domestic vehicle in America

Posted on Sunday, 15 November 2009 , 20:11:25 byEmil

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Ford Fusion - the best selling domestic vehicle in America

Ford – the US builder said the Fusion unit got a spot in the 10 best American selling cars for this year plus the best selling autos on the domestic market for the same year. Fusion sold this year 151,137 models, breaking its own record in 2007 of 149,552.

George Pipas, the sales analyst at Ford stated for the press 'It's extraordinary that a car could set a sales record in an environment where overall industry sales are down 26 percent from a year ago'.

Fusion, despite the crisis, managed to raise sales with 15 %. The addition of the Fusion hybrid variant, accounts for 20 % of Fusion total retail sales. Ford likes that most of the hybrid models were sold to those who owned in the past Honda or Toyota cars.

Jonathan Richards, the marketing manager in charge with Fusion said 'There is no reason for customers shopping for a midsize sedan to look beyond the Fusion, because the lineup offers something for everyone – a Hybrid model, a Sport version and a new selection of gas-powered engines paired with six-speed transmission'.

The hybrid drove 1,445.7 miles back in April without refueling, making a record for the midsize, gasoline-powered sedans.

Nancy Gioia, Sustainable Mobility Technologies, Hybrid Vehicle Programs Ford director affirmed 'Not only does this demonstrate the Fusion Hybrid’s fuel efficiency, it also shows that driving technique is one of the keys to maximizing its potential'.