The Opel decision benefits the upcoming VW - Magna collaboration

Posted on Monday, 16 November 2009 , 11:11:57 byEmil

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The Opel decision benefits the upcoming VW - Magna collaboration

The decision of GM to scrap the Opel sale is helping the future collaboration between VW and Magna as the builder from Germany raised some concerns this potential agreement could be influencing the business. The representatives of VW stated on an interview in Bild (German publication) that the firm will be continuing working like always with Magna, if the Austrian - Canadian partsmaker will not become a rival.

'If Magna doesn't act like a competitor, we will continue to do business as usual' affirmed a spokesman.

In June VW said a Magna - Opel deal might really influence the car industry as the Austrian - Canadian partsmaker is holding already contracts of supplying with a few builders worldwide.

Michael Brendel (spokesman) was quoted by as saying in June: 'Volkswagen will monitor this development very closely. Tax money has been used to a large extent for Opel's rescue. We hope that through this a sustainable and successful result will be achieved effectively'.

Detlef Wittig Volkswagen's head of marketing and sales continued 'We cannot leave our knowhow in the hands of a supplier that then uses this in his own automobile company'.

Magna had a positive attitude, saying it's willing to talk to the concerned carmakers, assuring them it won't be mixing the car sector and the supplying business.

Magna CEO, Don Walker stated at a conference 'We will have a complete separation of activities between Magna, parts company, and our investment in Opel. I suspect it would be business as usual whether we make the investment in Opel or we don't'.