ANSYS used by Ferrari for Thermal Comfort

Posted on Sunday, 22 November 2009 , 11:11:31 byEmil

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ANSYS used by Ferrari for Thermal Comfort

ANSYS – the simulation software announced recently it's expanding the agreement with Ferrari - Italian automaker. After these 2 optimize the performance and design of Prancing Horse cars, ANSYS will be helping now Ferrari to predict the thermal comfort inside the auto.

Giovanni Lombardi, professor of the University of Pisa - airplane and car aerodynamics affirmed 'Thermal comfort is an individual perception and not a measurable value'.

'Qualitative statements from a test team do not really help car developers who want to measure the design quality and usefulness of design changes objectively and comparably'.

'An experimental approach for determining the data required was virtually impossible. For that reason, we used engineering simulation software from ANSYS, which had advantages for this scenario and rendered accurate and reliable results'.

For avoiding asking every Ferrari customer what is the ideal comfort temperature, ANSYS and Ferrari will be using, having the University of Pisa's help, a few local indices: the human body's thermal equilibrium, discomfort induced by drafts, and temperature gradients (vertical and horizontal).

The vehicle’s materials and velocity or the sensitivity to cooling or warming on different body sites are also included.

ANSYS CEO - Jim Cashman continued 'Ferrari and the University of Pisa faced the difficult task of developing a measure for quality. They saw a high business value in applying our software and made profitable use of it'.

'Companies across the whole industry spectrum - not just automotive - are seeing the benefits of this process. In this case, with help from ANSYS software, Ferrari is living up to its expectations of designing one of the most desirable brands worldwide'.