Bugatti Veyron plunges into lake

Posted on Wednesday, 25 November 2009 , 17:11:17 byEmil

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Bugatti Veyron plunges into lake

It seems that some people do not know that a sports car can not drive on water, even if it has 1000 horsepower. What we have here is a video showing a Bugatti Veyron that ended up in a lake somewhere in Texas. The unnamed driver (obviously he did not mention his name, because everyone would have made fun of him) lost control of his Bugatti Veyron as he was traveling north on Interstate 45 in Texas when a ``low-flying pelican`` distracted his attention. Yeah, right. He had to come up with some sort of a story instead so that everyone would not laugh at him too much.

Still, in the report it is mentioned that ``The man jerked the wheel, dropped his cell phone`` and ended up in a saltwater lagoon. Fortunately, the driver did not get injured but the over one million dollars Bugatti Veyron was not so lucky.

I honestly think that these extremely fast sport cars should not be sold to anyone before taking an IQ test. This idiot, no matter what he says, was obviously talking on the cell phone and lost control of the one million dollar worth car. Seriously, automakers like Ferrari, Bugatti, Lamborghini and so on should not sell their cars before the potential buyer takes an IQ test under strict supervision (so that he can not cheat). It is pathetic to see how every idiot with money can get his hands on an extremely expensive sports car. This sort of events make the exclusiveness of certain automakers (like Bugatti for example) perish. Some time ago everyone had the impression that only intelligent rich people could get their hands on a car produced by Ferrari or Bugatti, but nowadays it seems that every redneck or hillbilly that under some dubious circumstances got rich can buy any car he wants.

You can watch the video of the Bugatti Veyron that ended up in a lake in Texas here