Get ready for Shelby Nation

Posted on Wednesday, 25 November 2009 , 14:11:13 byEmil

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Get ready for Shelby Nation

Inspired from the success Ford had with the social networks that promoted the new Fiesta model, Carroll Shelby sets up now 'Shelby Nation', an ideal portal for the Shelby fans. It's includes all the organizations of Shelby, combining videos, forums, images, web pages and links.

Jenni Shreeves, the director of Carroll Shelby Foundation stated for the press 'Over the past several months, the Carroll Shelby Foundation diligently researched social networking trends and found this fast moving arena to be very beneficial'.

'Shelby Nation provides a platform for those who want to celebrate Carroll’s achievements and help solidify his place as an American icon. That platform also allows us to communicate directly with all who support Carroll’s philanthropic vision'.

Shelby Nation is providing direct links to all Shelby official websites: Shelby Automobiles, Carroll Shelby Foundation, Carroll Shelby Licensing, Carroll Shelby Engine Company, Carroll Shelby International, Team Shelby, Carroll Shelby Enterprises, Cleo Shelby Jewelry, Carroll Shelby Engineering and Shelby Performance Parts.

John Luft, the president of Shelby Licensing said 'Each Shelby company will respond to the needs of that individual. Shelby Nation is just an easy, comprehensive place to begin your Shelby journey'.

'To sum it up, Shelby Nation is a passionate celebration by those who fearlessly seek the ultimate in speed, adventure, innovation and charity. A lifestyle epitomized for decades by Carroll Shelby'.