BMW 135i won Best Performance Car Award

BMW 135i won Best Performance Car Award

BMW celebrates the 135i unit won AU Dollars 60,000 - Drive Best Performance Car for the 2nd year consecutively at the awards event, in Australia, this year, despite the severe 2009 competition: HSV GTS, Audi S4 and Nissan GTR.

David Morley (from Drive) said about the decision judges took: 'Poise and balance are two words that could have been invented to describe our winner in this category, the BMW 135i. With a silky but potent twin-turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine, the BMW has one of the most charismatic powerplants around at any money'.

He continued 'The conventional manual contains six forward ratios and a light, accurate clutch action and, for those who value the driving experience, there's really no substitute for this level of involvement. The same goes for the handling which is supple but beautifully controlled yet also sure and rewarding thanks to the 135i's rear-wheel drive'.

'If it all sounds a bit old-fashioned, it shouldn't because the BMW is still very much an up-to-the-minute drive that just happens to ooze entertainment. There's really nothing that combines the BMW's generous abilities with its undeniable charms and at such a price'.

Since the debut in Australia last year in May, around 1,500 135i BMW got sold. The builder in Germany reached also the Drive Car of the Year Award's final, the Green Innovation Award, all this due to the strategy of BMW EfficientDynamics.