DTNA gives Detroit diesel engines to American builders

DTNA gives Detroit diesel engines to American builders

DTNA (Daimler Trucks North America) just made the announcement it will offer bus and coach makers Detroit Diesel engines, with this marking the re-entry on the markets in America as supplier plus the official DTNA step to raise its hold for this market department.

DTNA CEO - Martin Daum stated for the press 'By offering Detroit Diesel engines to independent bus and coach manufacturers in the U.S., we want to further strengthen the leading position that Detroit Diesel has occupied in the North American commercial vehicle industry for the past 50 years'.

Terry Loewen, MCI (Motor Coach Industries) Powertrain Systems Manager continued 'MCI is pleased to hear about Detroit Diesel’s re-engagement and future support of our industry. Detroit Diesel had been an important supplier to MCI for many years, and we’re delighted that this company, which has been a leader in the bus engine segment for many years, is returning to this market'.

Greyhound CEO - Dave Leach said 'We have worked with Detroit Diesel for many years, and we welcome their re-engagement in our industry'.

Detroit Diesel DTNA engines are made for meeting EPA emissions 2010 standard. All DD15, DD13 and DD16 diesel engines (heavy-duty) have the SCR technology – you may know it by the name of BlueTec, it allows upcoming clients to get a 5% economy there, the corresponding technology of EPA 2007, affirms Daimler. The economy of fuel, even if it looks small is essential for having the new requirements ready.