500 HP BMW M3 Thunderstorm by ATT-TEC

Posted on Wednesday, 2 December 2009 , 15:12:51 byEmil

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500 HP BMW M3 Thunderstorm by ATT-TEC

A new performance package destined for the newest generation BMW M3 models has been developed by the German tuning company ATT-TEC. For no less than 11.749 Euro or 17.600 dollars, including installation, potential customers can get their stock engine to be even more powerful. The tuning package from the German tuning company ATT-TEC manages to give a boost of 80 horsepower to the stock engine, for a total output of 500 horsepower. This is possible thanks to a compressor and a unique exhaust system that together manage to push up the performance of the stock 4.0 liter V8 engine available on the BMW M3.

Potential customers can also get a set of 20 inch alloy wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport 2 tires of sizes 285/25 ZR20 at the back and 245/30 ZR20 at the front for a price of 3475 Euro or 5200 dollars. The set of alloy wheels and tires is completed by 20 millimeter distance washers on the front and rear axles for a price of 393 Euro or 586 dollars. For a price of 2029 Euro or 3050 dollars a KW coilover suspension Variant 3 is also available.

Optionally, an interior styling kit with decorative Swarovski crystals or carbon fiber parts is also available. Unfortunately, the German tuning company ATT-TEC failed to offer pricing details for the optional interior styling kit. Also, the company has not disclosed any details regarding availability. You can see how the ATT-TEC BMW M3 Thunderstorm looks like in the photo gallery below.


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500 HP BMW M3 Thunderstorm by ATT-TEC image 500 HP BMW M3 Thunderstorm by ATT-TEC image