Dacia Duster V6 rally car driven by Alain Prost on video

Posted on Wednesday, 9 December 2009 , 14:12:41 byEmil

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Dacia Duster V6 rally car driven by Alain Prost on video

Do not start laughing yet. Renault has launched a video showing ex Formula 1 champion, Alain Prost, driving a competition version of the Dacia Duster crossover (?). The Dacia Duster 4x4 rally car gets its power from a mid mounted 3.0 liter V6 engine capable of developing 350 horsepower. In the first video we get to see Alain Prost driving the rally version of the Dacia Duster, probably doing some training for the upcoming Trophee Andros racing series that will take place this month and where the Dacia Duster 4x4 will make its debut.

The video is quite awesome, as it debuts with a beautiful sight of some impressive mountains and some great sounds. After that we get to see the Dacia team preparing the car and then mister Alain Prost, with his racing suit on, getting ready to drive the Dacia Duster. After that, Alain Prost starts driving the Dacia Duster racing car on some very challenging roads. I have to say that the entire scenery is quite impressive. Alain Prost manages to handle the Dacia Duster perfectly while in the same time the Dacia Duster is extremely impressive. The engine of the Dacia Duster competition car is just amazing. After all the jokes he made, James May and the entire Top Gear staff should see and most importantly drive the Dacia Duster.

In the second video we get to see some beauty shots of the competition Dacia Duster, as the powerful car is shown from practically every angle.

You can watch the Dacia Duster V6 racer driven by Alain Prost here

You can watch the Dacia Duster V6 racer presented from a bunch of angles here