Volvo the Game, 850,000 worldwide players and 6 months

Posted on Wednesday, 9 December 2009 , 03:12:01 byEmil

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Volvo the Game, 850,000 worldwide players and 6 months

Volvo achieved with 'Volvo - The Game' in only 6 months, to have 850,000 users, downloading the game worldwide, having 20,000 players joining on each week. Its creator was surprised also, because it's a free game; as you know, the majority of free games are not this advertised.

Magnus Ling, SimBin's executive vice president, game co-developer stated for the press: 'Volvo - The Game is of exceptionally high quality even though it is a free game'.

'We generally say that a game from SimBin should be easy to drive but hard to master, so the player grows with the challenge. It is typically difficult to find the best braking points and track your ideal line in the beginning, but after a couple of laps most players have control over their driving and frustration is replaced by pleasure'.

The virtual world of Volvo has 3 difficulty levels with 6 Volvo units, that can be managed on 2 tracks. In this game you can choose: the "novice" skill level, featuring all the assistance technology for the driver activated like ABS brakes, then the "semi-pro", and the "pro" level where there isn't any assistance.

Michael Persson, Volvo Cars' market communication director said 'Interest in Volvo - The Game has surpassed all expectations. Using this communication channel, we have succeeded both in renewing our brand name and in reaching out with our new S60 model far beyond our regular customer groups'.