Skoda received 2 Top Gear awards

Posted on Friday, 11 December 2009 , 06:12:22 byEmil

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Skoda received 2 Top Gear awards

Skoda has 2 units awarded by Top Gear, important car publications worldwide. The Skoda Superb got the 'Luxury Car of the Year' title, while Yeti received the 'Family Car of the Year' award.

The Czechs were out enjoying their great success, meanwhile Conor McNicholas, the editor of the magazine gave us a reason why Yeti won: 'The Yeti has been an instant hit with the Top Gear magazine office' he affirmed.

'We love the styling, the handling, the quality, the space, the clever touches and yes, the name. If you’re looking for a family car it should be top of your list to check out, simple as that. The Yeti feels like part of the Top Gear family'.

McNicholas said about the Superb unit: 'It’s in the ride, the refinement, the quality of the interior, the understated drama of the exterior – the Superb is all that, and in wagon form it makes even more sense. For the well- healed or those of us that wish we were the Superb Wagon is a class act that really delivers. Don’t let the great price fool you!'.

As you know probably, Top Gear is a very important car magazines. This magazine is sustained also by a TV series. Over 350 million people worldwide are watching the show.