Top Gear named the 8C Spider the Most Beautiful car of 2009

Posted on Sunday, 13 December 2009 , 07:12:23 byEmil

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Top Gear named the 8C Spider the Most Beautiful car of 2009

The well known magazine Top Gear named the 8C Spider – made by Alfa Romeo, the Most Beautiful car of the Year. It's an exciting car, most innovative unit debuted in this past year.

It's an extremely limited edition, having a strong V8 4.7l engine, making a top 450 hp power. Fixed longitudinally (the powerplant) behind all those front wheels, the transmission is been transferred therefor to the rear.

The engine power is controlled through a F1-style six-speed paddle shift gearbox; this allows the vehicle to hit 62 mph in just 4.5 seconds, topping at 181 mph speed.

United Kingdom Brand Communications Manager - Damien Dally affirmed 'There’s no doubt that the 8C Spider is a sensational supercar but to have the recognition of the Top Gear panel is a perfect way to end the year' .

Alfa Romeo 8C Spider production limit is 500 units, 35 of these will come in the United Kingdom. Here, 8C costs from £174,000 up. The price didn't stop the buyers, most of them reserved it already.

Alfa Romeo states 'The latest models in Alfa Romeo’s line up have taken inspiration from the Alfa 8C Competizione and Spider – such as the sporty compact Alfa MiTo and 2010’s Alfa Giulietta'.