You and Your Car debuts the guide - Driving Wellness

Posted on Sunday, 13 December 2009 , 21:12:17 byEmil

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You and Your Car debuts the guide - Driving Wellness

Older Driver Safety Awareness Week partnered up with “You and Your Car” for releasing a guidebook inspired from 25 years research; this will be helping each driver, no matter the age, to:

- respond and recognize to normal aging involving modifications that may happen
- adjust gradually their driving

Jodi Olshevski, The Hartford Advance 50 Team's gerontologist/ assistant vice president said 'There has been much public attention around the question: ‘At what age should an older driver stop driving?’'.

She continued 'This question often leads to an inaccurate and unproductive conversation. It’s time to change the conversation and focus on the question: ‘How can older adults continue to drive safely for as long as possible?’ Our message is clear. You can control much of your driving future because safe driving is about your driving ability – not your age'.

You and Your Car is helping drivers being in perfect shape at the wheel. It features a self-assessment tools' overview, driving safety modes (classes), driving evaluations – that's comprehensive, maintaining brain activity, fitness and smart choices when driving.

Joe Coughlin, MIT AgeLab's Ph.D., director said 'Safe driving is each individual’s responsibility. All drivers must make a personal commitment to do what it takes to maintain safe driving skills. The healthier and more physically fit we are, and the more we understand how our health conditions affect driving, the longer we will be able to driving safely'.