Porsche Cayenne copy named Luxgen7 comes from Taiwan

Posted on Monday, 14 December 2009 , 13:12:41 byEmil

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Porsche Cayenne copy named Luxgen7 comes from Taiwan

The Chinese automakers are not famous for the brilliant cars that they are making, but for the brilliant replicas of popular cars that they produce. To make a very objective analysis, the Chinese automakers are following the path adopted centuries ago by the Japanese automakers and the South Korean automakers. Few people remember that a couple of decades ago, the Japanese automakers, being at the beginning of their existence, started by creating replicas of popular European cars. After years and years of growth, they started to create cars that had their Asian styling touches. Slowly, the Japanese automakers became highly appreciated everywhere around the world. In the latest couple of years, and especially with the new generation of cars, the South Korean automakers began to be highly appreciated too. What am I trying to say? The fact that I am almost certain that in 10 to 15 years the Chinese automakers will become extremely successful everywhere in the world. Until then, they will stick to making cheap replicas and slowly but surely evolving into making their own cars, with a unique design, step by step.

What we have here is a Thai automaker, but as Thailand has been under the government of China after the Second World War, we can consider it to be a Chinese automaker.

The Thai automaker Yulon Group has presented a car named Luxgen7. The Yulon Luxgen7 is a SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) that looks a lot like the European Porsche Cayenne . The Luxgen7 will get its power from a 2.2 liter turbocharged engine capable of developing 180 horsepower that will send the power to either all the four wheels (all wheel drive system) or to the front wheels (front wheel drive system). Actually, the Luxgen7 does not look all that bad and it actually looks a little better than the Porsche Cayenne if you look closely. You can take a look at the Yulon Luxgen7 below.