Bentley sold this year 5,000 cars. Prepare for Bentley Mulsanne

Posted on Monday, 14 December 2009 , 02:12:24 byEmil

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Bentley sold this year 5,000 cars. Prepare for Bentley Mulsanne

The worldwide recession affected also the rich, as it looks like Bentley will be selling just around 5,000 vehicles this year. The British automaker' sales are down, if you compare it to 2007, the year when Bentley sold 10,000 units. But the officials' opinion is optimistic.

Geoff Dowding - the regional director of Bentley Motors said for 'According to our estimates, 2010 is going to be much better than 2009, but one has to be sensible, the business is being very sensible with its budgets, forecasts and predictions. We are basing ourselves on a worst case rather than best case. Recovery will be slow. You can’t accelerate out of a recession in the way that we would all like to, you have to be responsible about it'.

Bentley sold previous year 7,000 models. In 2009 the sales were down 50% in European and American markets. In the Middle East and China things are much better.

He affirmed 'We will do more cars in China than we did last year, it is growing at a tremendous rate, and our sales in the Middle East will remain steady. They are our emerging markets and they are underpinning a lot of what we do at the moment'.

Bentley’s 2010 strategy is the brand new unit, the Mulsanne, which is a Rolls-Royce Phantom competitor, that debuted at the auto show in Frankfurt. 'The car will not hit the markets until the end of next year, by which time, everyone is predicting there will be an economic recovery' stated Dowding.