The Electric Vehicle department will be creating in the future 1 million jobs

Posted on Monday, 14 December 2009 , 16:12:57 byEmil

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The Electric Vehicle department will be creating in the future 1 million jobs

The upcoming year looks cleaner and brighter, so more consulting companies from the automotive industry are turning now their energy to the ultimate developments in this particular sector.

So does the PRTM, who introduced today a long study (90 pages) named the Electrification Roadmap. By 2020, all the electric car manufacturing department, with the related fields of course, will be generating 1,000,000 jobs approximately worldwide, all this... by 2020.

Oliver Hazimeh, PRTM's director said, quoted by 'The anticipated measures relating to electric vehicles will clearly fuel jobs growth in the US and abroad over the next decade'.

'Job creation is clearly essential to economic recovery, and public/private partnerships across the EV value chain will assist in creating these new jobs. Many of them will be desirable, high tech jobs'.

The exact same study says that there exist 14 million electric cars at least on American streets by 2020, EVs accounting for 75% of all miles (light-duty) driven in the future by 2040.

Hazimeh continued 'Moreover, we believe that the worldwide tipping point in EV acceptance, whereby EVs become the dominant direction in the auto sector, will likely occur in the next few years'.

'This means that the EV industry will probably serve as an accelerator for the scaling of the entire 'clean tech' sector worldwide, given the inherent size of the automotive industry'.