Mitsubishi will deliver to the UK 25 i-MiEV EVs

Posted on Monday, 14 December 2009 , 02:12:41 byEmil

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Mitsubishi will deliver to the UK 25 i-MiEV EVs

As the most anticipated, wanted year we think, in recent car history is coming, Mitsubishi – the Japanese manufacturer takes point now, opening the flood-gates for the Evs, that's scheduled for next year, having 25 i-MiEV good and ready for the United Kingdom.

These vehicles, distribute to the island by Colt Car Company, are to be used as a demonstration for ultra-low-carbon and electric cars run by the area West Midlands.

Mitsubishi stated for the press 'The demonstration program that the i-MiEVs were delivered to will begin this month, led by the TSB, and works with municipalities, electric power companies, automobile makers, among others, in a collaborative effort to promote ultra-low-carbon vehicles'.

'The program puts electric and other ultra-low-carbon vehicles that meet certain standards for CO2 emissions and cruising range into the hands of individuals to actually experience them on the UK's roads'.

'By doing so, the program aims to ascertain the practicality of these ultra-low-carbon vehicles while promoting the construction of infrastructure for these types of vehicles'.

The EVs delivery arrives just a couple of days after the automaker announced the fast charger availability for the amazing i-MiEV in the United Kingdom, a charging high-tech, allowing vehicles to be recharged quickly from 0 to 80% of its capacity in only thirty minutes.

Next year will mark a Mitsubishi milestone too, as the plan is to make the i-worldwide presence of the MiEV.