SMMT seminar implemented on digital radio

Posted on Wednesday, 16 December 2009 , 15:12:35 byEmil

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SMMT seminar implemented on digital radio

The United Kingdom government published, earlier this year, a report showing plans that need all-new cars to be matched to 2013 digital radios plus every auto on the street now to be enabled (in digital mode) from early 2015. At a seminar, that was held recently by the SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders), leaders from political, digital radio and car worlds gave ideas, insight to the broadcasters' plan and traffic info providers.

Another plan is the debut of Digital Economy Bill plus all their implication actions on this industry, moving to the digital radio. Here are a few comments made on this subject raised up by a few of the chiefs attending this seminar.

The Controller, Multiplatform, Interactive, BBC Audio, Music - Mark Friend told its attendees 'There are certainly exciting opportunities ahead for in-car listening as radio goes digital, but all industries involved in radio have to work together to deliver ‘Digital Britain’. Broadcast digital radio is an efficient medium for mass broadcast as it is energy efficient and offers good signals for users on the move. To ensure all motorists can access digital services it is essential that there are strong signals on all major travel routes'.

Paul Everitt - the chief executive of SMMT continued 'The Digital Britain Report sets an ambitious and accelerated timetable for all involved in the switchover to digital radio. There are already a number of digitally-enabled products available to motorists as options, but today’s seminar underlined the importance of a long-term collaborative approach between broadcasters and industry that sees investment in content and coverage to create consumer demand'.

Alison Holliday (Highways Agency) said 'Looking to the future, the importance of in-car listening is clearly recognized by the Digital Britain Report which sets one of its criteria for switchover as when the digital signal reaches all major roads. Digital radio is already providing a platform for new types of service such as Traffic Radio to broadcast a continuous service from our National Traffic Control Centre. It means road users can get updates whenever they need to and we think it is an important and unique part of the digital offer'.