Renault Twingo R1 and R2 rally cars revealed

Posted on Wednesday, 23 December 2009 , 05:12:36 byEmil

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Renault Twingo R1 and R2 rally cars revealed

Are you on a strict budget but still want a very fun to drive sports car? Well, Renault might have cooked up the right thing for you then. Aimed at budget conscious buyers, the Renault Twingo R1 and the Renault Twingo R2 come in the form of a motorsport kit featuring all the required parts aside from the tires. The French automaker has said that the customers who buy this kit will be able to purchase a Renault Twingo RenaultSport 133 at a special price. Practically, the range of Renault competition cars that included until now the Renault Clio RenaultSport R3 Access and Maxi now will include these two new entry level rally cars based on the Renault Twingo RS.

The Renault Twingo R1 gets its power from the same 1.6 liter engine capable of developing 133 horsepower that is used on the Renault Twingo RS 133. The difference comes from an ECU setting that gives torque at lower engine speeds, which will be homologated in order to improve mid-range performance. The gearbox available on the Renault Twingo RS R1 is identical to the one used on the production model Renault Twingo RS 133. The Renault Twingo RenaultSport R1 is basically a production car fitted with some essential safety equipment, including a roll cage. Thus, the Renault Twingo RS R1 can participate in all regional, national and international rallies.

The Renault Twingo RenaultSport R2 gets a larger number of improvements over the Renault Twingo RS R1. The Renault Twingo RS R2 features the same dashboard and central console as the Renault Twingo RS 133 but comes with two Sabelt RenaultSport seats and harnesses as well as an LED instrument panel that displays all the necessary information. The Renault Twingo RS R2 is fitted with bum and rebound adjustable shock absorbers, motorsport brake pads and one piece aluminum wheel rims that are available in sizes of 6.5x16 inches for tarmac and 6x15 inches for gravel and can be fitted with 195/65 R16 gravel tires or 195/50 R16 tarmac tires. Other important modifications include a more powerful 1.6 liter engine capable of developing 160 horse power at 7200 revs per minute and 160 Nm of torque at 5500 revs per minute. The four cylinder engine is mated to a five speed sequential gearbox and steering column mounted shift lever as well as a ZF limited slip differential.

The French automaker did not disclose any pricing information for the Renault Twingo RenaultSport R1 but they did say that the Renault Twingo RS R2 will have a base price of 27.990 Euro (this price includes just the price of the modification package, without the car) and that it will be available starting from early April next year.

Renault Twingo R1 and R2 rally cars revealed image Renault Twingo R1 and R2 rally cars revealed image