Lilli Bertone launches Bertone Cento

Posted on Sunday, 27 December 2009 , 08:12:00 byEmil

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Lilli Bertone launches Bertone Cento

Lilli Bertone, the well known design house from Italy, late Nuccio Bertone's widow, had quite an entangled story, with the announcement she managed to bought the Bertone patents, trademark and Stile Bertone historical files from some bankruptcy court.

The 74-year old launch the brand new Bertone, named Bertone Cento. This new firm will be a service brand – car engineering and design, product design and rail (trains, cars), Autonews said.

Lilli Bertone stated for the press 'I am fully satisfied with this agreement. It represents a fundamental starting point on the basis of which our work to kick start all our activities, from styling to production, can begin'.

'I have fought long and hard for this result, and I have had to steer my way round a veritable obstacle course in the form of people pursuing interests that have nothing to do with the company’s industrial mission, completely ignoring the interests of the workforce, stirring up controversy for instrumental purposes, and exploiting the incomprehensible willingness of certain newspapers to publish falsehoods'.

Bertone Cento has 200 employees and 300,000 contract working hours yearly in engineering and design services. The cost of the birth for this all-new firm is not known, but the Italian press speculates the quantity is situated from 1.5 to 3 million Euro.