Saab fans present the website - I Will Not Buy From GM -

Posted on Monday, 28 December 2009 , 11:12:40 byEmil

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Saab fans present the website - I Will Not Buy From GM -

Saab – the Swedish automaker has many fans, so its closure might make lots of negative feelings, bad towards General Motors. One fan of Saab wanted to warn GM and created the site 'I won’t buy another car from GM'.

The website says its mission 'is to answer a very simple question: Will you buy another GM product if they do not support Saab Automobile by selling the brand to a willing buyer?'

The website creator says this isn't a threat for General Motors, but only a way to have their full attention, making them well aware, if they refuse selling the car builder from Sweden, there will be for sure lots of repercussions.

'We believe that Saab should have a chance at life. We believe that Saab has given plenty to GM over the years, and received very little in return,” said the staff of the website'.

'Saab have a worldwide following of dedicated customers, as well as a huge historical market that it can tap into when independence is established and production lines begin to run'.

'Saab have never been the major focus of their owners. In early days, they were the offshoot of an airplane company. Later they were the offshoot of a truck and bus manufacturer. Next, they were part of the General Motors group and sorely neglected'.

'Under either of the two prospective owners that GM are negotiating with now, Saab would become the major focus. They would have a chance to really do what they are capable of doing without having to compete with other arms of the business for attention'.

'Saab have a future, if GM will let them live on'.