Daimler is delivering the 1st Econic Mercedes-Benz

Posted on Tuesday, 29 December 2009 , 05:12:54 byEmil

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Daimler is delivering the 1st Econic Mercedes-Benz

The very first Econic Mercedes-Benz ran by Natural Gas Technology ended up in the ALDI SÜD hands - group of firms in Mönchengladbach, located in Germany. It's about the semitrailer tractor that has a refrigerated semitrailer and a high roof for food distribution actions.

Daimler said 'ALDI SÜD uses the new Mercedes-Benz Econic NGT to supply its branches on the left bank of the Lower Rhine from the central warehouse in Mönchengladbach. Traffic-calming zones, narrow entrances, illegally parked cars, increasing environmental regulations and access restrictions – as well as enormous time pressure – mean that city logistics make heavy demands on both the driver and vehicle'.

'A modern distribution vehicle must therefore meet high requirements with respect to load capacity, maneuverability, environmental compatibility and economy. Lower CO2 emissions versus comparable, diesel powered vehicles, CO2-neutral operation when biogas is used as a fuel, zero particulate emissions and a low noise level - all these are the ecological benefits of the Econic NGT. Power is transferred by a six-speed automatic transmission'.

'The vehicle meets the stringent EEV emission standard (Enhanced Environmentally Friendly Vehicle), and is therefore entitled to bear the "Blue Angel" environmental emblem' Daimler affirmed.

ALDI SÃœD group, using this car kills 2 birds with just 1 stone. The firm honors its responsibilities on the environmental zones where it is active. Plus, it saves funds by saving the fuel, testing the natural gas engine of the car.