Peugeot is adopting a new international signature

Posted on Saturday, 9 January 2010 , 11:01:20 byEmil

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Peugeot is adopting a new international signature

Peugeot is reinventing and set brand new targets – great for the upcoming future, so important changes will happen. Their goal is to move up three places on the world auto market, making Peugeot a benchmark of style, leading the mobility services area.

Therefor Peugeot will be 'investing in cutting edge technology: electric propulsion in the i0n and E-Vivacity scooter from 2010, diesel hybrid in the 3008 from 2011, e-HDi (micro-hybrid) also from 2011 on the entire diesel range and plug-in diesel hybrid in 2012' states Peugeot.

The company will update also their style... 'SR1 concept car is proof of this. It embodies the strongest, the most extreme and the most pure expression of the Peugeot Style of tomorrow'.

So, another big decision is launching the program Mu by Peugeot in Europe, that 'allows everyone, whether they own a vehicle or not, whether they are a Peugeot customer or not, to access a range of mobility services via a pre-paid card which can be topped up via an Internet site'.

But, the greatest change maybe for the French carmaker is the identity change. 'In order to implement and illustrate this marque plan all over the world, Peugeot is adopting a new international signature: Peugeot, MOTION & EMOTION' Peugeot says.