US market debut for 2011 BMW Alpina B7 this spring

Posted on Monday, 11 January 2010 , 02:01:18 byEmil

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US market debut for 2011 BMW Alpina B7 this spring

The Americans are huge fans of the German cars. Currently, potential buyers that want a sporty premium sedan have only one option, the Mercedes Benz S-Class AMG. Seeing the opportunity to make some cash, BMW has announced that their lineup of models for this year will include the BMW Alpina B7 sedan. As you all know, Alpina is a traditional partner of BMW. Practically, Alpina is the equivalent of AMG if you want. Since 1965 Alpina has been tuning every BMW model available on the market. Later, BMW noticed the great work Alpina was doing and decided to make them their partners. Thus, Alpina models can be found in the BMW showrooms.

Returning to the Alpina B7, this car is probably the closest thing to a BMW M7, because the German automaker does not intend to develop such a model anytime soon. The Alpina B7 is based on the BMW 7-Series sedan but adds a lot of styling and performance upgrades. The Alpina B7 will be offered in both short and long wheelbase versions. This comes after the first generation Alpina B7 was offered in the United States in 2007 and 2008 but only as a limited edition model.

The BMW 7-Series gets its power from a twin turbocharged 4.4 liter V8 engine capable of developing 400 horsepower. The engineers working for Alpina have modified this engine so that it is able to have an output of 500 horsepower (that is 100 horsepower over the stock engine) and 700 Nm of torque. The drivetrain of the Alpina B7 is completed by a rear wheel drive system and a six speed automatic transmission. Thanks to drivetrain, the Alpina B7 is able to go from 0 to 60 mph (0 to 96 km/h) in 4.5 seconds.

The stability control now allows noticeably more slip at the driven wheels, according to the German tuning company. The Alpina B7 sits 15 millimeters lower at the front and 10 millimeters lower at the back thanks to new, shorter springs. Alpina has also recalibrated the Dynamic Damping Control and Active Roll stabilization.

The Alpina B7 comes with a boot lid spoiler as well as front and rear aprons which are supposed to reduce lift at the rear by 15% and at the front by 30%. The Alpina B7 is fitted with new 21 inch alloy wheels with Michelin PS2 tires of size 285/30 R21 at the rear and 245/35 R21 at the front.

Moving on towards the interior, we will get to see an additional ALPINA plaque indentifying the car which is mounted on the inner roof panel right ahead of the sunroof. Other features include specific decorative trim, blue illuminated door sill trims, Black Panel LCD screen instrument cluster branded with ALPINA, an Alpina SWITCH-TRONIC steering wheel in hand stitched LAVALINA leather to name a few.

The 2010 Alpina B7 will hit the market in the spring of this year, after making its USA public debut at the 2010 Chicago Auto Show that will take place in February.