BMW 3-Series Coupe tumbles 426 feet down a mountain and passengers survived

Posted on Monday, 11 January 2010 , 12:01:07 byEmil

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BMW 3-Series Coupe tumbles 426 feet down a mountain and passengers survived

Some people are just plain lucky. You see very often news about some guy who tripped, fell, hit his head and died, in some stupid conditions. Not to mention the cases of people who choked with food and died. Well, other people are so lucky that they can fall over 400 feet (which is the equivalent of over 120 meters) and get away with nothing more than a couple of cuts and bruises.

A member of a BMW dedicated forum has posted the photos below in which you can see the result of an unbelievable incident that took place somewhere on the Angeles Crest Highway in California. The forum member has the nickname ``M3KILL3R``. Well, he is claiming that he was driving his BMW 3-Series Coupe when in order to avoid some animals on the road, he panicked, swerved, hit the brakes and eventually lost control of the car which went flying straight off the edge of a cliff tumbling down the mountain. I can not help to show you his exact words. Ladies and gentleman, here is what M3KILL3R had to say:

``Was bout 2 am on a saturday night jan.2nd, picked up a female friend who lives on angeles crest street and we headed up angeles crest mountain... Was taking her to a view spot for, u know...neways.
At mile marker 30.65, no speeding no nothing, max i went was 35mph.came up to a pretty bad ass turn...the second i turned i saw 3 animals of some sort kicking it on the road. I panicked, swirved, hit the brakes, hit dirt road which didnt help me from stopping.
Flew straight off the ledge... Flips+turns+tree+flips+turns+flips and landed on 3 rocks 426 feet down the mountain...both of us are okay...walked out clean...i just have a fractured collar bone and my whole left side is killing me like crazy. The female is perfectly fine, just a few cuts n bruises``.

Those are his exact words. I did not want to correct any of his many spelling mistakes. To begin with, I have to say I am glad that both of them got away living, with nothing that will not heal in a couple of weeks. But seriously, how stupid does he think people are? He wants us to believe that he was doing 35mph when he saw ``3 animals of some sort``, swerved, hit the brakes but still fell down the mountain. I also like how he addresses the person who was with him under the appellative ``female`` like she was some dog or something.

I think that things happened a little this way. Some punk picked up a chick that he wanted to impress, so he took his BMW 3-Series Coupe for a spin, hit the pedal too much, lost control and fell off the cliff. This is more easy to believe and actually more likely, but he had to come up with some story. Must I mention that I am not surprised he was driving a BMW ?