Volkswagen Jetta Coupe concept coming to Detroit Auto Show

Volkswagen Jetta Coupe concept coming to Detroit Auto Show

Volkswagen wants to conquer the world. After owning some of the most important automakers in Europe, taking over a part of Suzuki in order to conquer the Indian market, now Volkswagen have turned their attention towards the North American market. No, this time they are not trying to buy one of the automakers from the USA, but they are trying to seduce the segment of sporty coupe lovers.

NCC is short for New Compact Coupe, which is the name of what Volkswagen will be bringing to the 2010 Detroit Auto Show. More precisely, we are talking about a two door coupe model based on the next generation four door sedan Volkswagen Jetta . The two door coupe model will have as a main target the North American concept and will be presented at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show in concept form, so try to not get overexcited.

Rumors claim that the NCC (New Compact Coupe) is actually a not far from production ready state Volkswagen Jetta Coupe. The name of the NCC is unknown for the time being, as the Jetta nametag will probably be replaced by something more appealing for the North American buyers.

The Volkswagen Jetta Coupe concet will be presented with a new hybrid powertrain which consists of an electric motor and a small four cylinder TSI petrol engine. It is quite possible that the Volkswagen Golf and the Volkswagen Jetta sedan will also get this hybrid powertrain in the not so distant future.

Well, this looks like good news for all the American buyers that were extremely disappointed with Volkswagen`s decision to not bring the hot Volkswagen Scirocco Coupe to their homeland. Who knows, maybe the Volkswagen Jetta Coupe will turn out to look even better than the Scirocco.