Volvo chooses its new Board Chairman

Posted on Friday, 15 January 2010 , 17:01:49 byEmil

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Volvo chooses its new Board Chairman

Before the projected Volvo (Swedish brand) sale to Geely (Chinese firm), Finn Johnsson - chairman of board at Volvo, decided on resigning, pursue his personal interests. Louis Schweitzer (member of board ever since 2001) will replace him.

Finn Johnsson said about the departure 'I have worked on various Volvo Boards since 1989, in particular the Board of AB Volvo, of which I have been a member since 1998 and Chairman since 2004, but I need to free up time for a growing number of increasingly comprehensive assignments, which is why I am now leaving the Board'.

'I could have left the Board of Directors at the next Annual General Meeting, but since a successor was available already now, the rest of the Board and I agreed that there was no reason to wait'.

Louis Schweitzer continued 'Volvo is a company with which I have worked closely for many years. It is a great honor and a very exciting challenge to take over as Chairman of the company. On behalf of the Board I would also want to thank Finn Johnsson for his active and engaged work as chairman of Volvo'.

The automobile world experience of Schweitzer includes the Renault position, more exactly as Chairman and President. He is Chairman of Astra Zeneca at the moment and a Boards BNP Paribas member (Veolia, L’Oreal). Until 2010 in March, Chairman at High Authority of French Government to Promote Equality and to Fight Discrimination.