Renault will make its Zoe model in Flins

Posted on Tuesday, 19 January 2010 , 02:01:32 byEmil

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Renault will make its Zoe model in Flins

Right after the tornado it caused regarding the possibility of changing the production location of Renault Clio from France - Flins to Turkey – Bursa plant, Nicolas Sarkozy the president of France summoned the manufacturer's managers to a conference, for clearing this matter out.

The president was very convincing; he put to rest the fear they had about the move and its consequences: factory closures and job losses in France. The CEO of Renault - Carlos Ghosn, issued (after the Saturday meeting) a statement for the press affirming Flins, beginning 2012 will be the production place for Zoe – the electric car.

Ghosn states, in the press release, Renault is a company from France, a responsible citizen society, attached greatly to its technological and industrial roots. Actually this is 1 of the reasons the firm will produce in France at the Flins factory, close to our 10,000 engineers, the amazing Zoe model, the heart of EV department at Renault, beginning in 2012.

Clio will be made in France, for 1 more generation at least. And then Renault will decide.

It's said they didn't decide about Clio's production location in 2013. The French President knows the Clio 4 will be produced in Flins, having a double sourcing in Turkey - Bursa. The Flins factory's future is guaranteed, meanwhile the employment there, will be kept as it is.

The motivation and responsibility is to help Renault becoming an innovative winner, with hard transformation,taking the industry on.