New Subaru Impreza Group N rally car launched by Prodrive

Posted on Wednesday, 20 January 2010 , 15:01:05 byEmil

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New Subaru Impreza Group N rally car launched by Prodrive

The Subaru Impreza N2010 rally car that complies with the Group N regulations of rally competitions is the latest project finished by Prodrive, a company known for being a Subaru specialist. The upgrades for the Subaru Impreza are both for the chassis and mechanical ones. The Subaru Impreza Group N rally car gets some interesting features, including a recalibrated ECU that helps increase the output of the 2.0 liter boxer engine by 20 horsepower, a strengthened suspension that employs revised Ohlins dampers with extra travel front and rear, a larger 33 millimeters air restrictor as well as high flow fuel injectors.

Graham Prew, sales manager of Prodrive, has stated that ``The engine and suspension changes make the N2010 far more competitive``. He continued by saying that ``On gravel the Impreza is certainly a match for any Super 2000, but it is on tarmac, that the additional engine performance will really come into its own and make the N2010 a competitive alternative to a Super 2000, but at about half the price and with significantly lower running costs``.

What have we learnt from what mister Graham Phew has said? The fact that even in the rally competitions, the running costs are extremely important. People would think that when it comes to motorsports, the most important thing is the performance. Still, it seems that even the running costs are important nowadays, in times of economic recession.

More than that, Prodrive offers buyers an alternative financing option, which is to lease the Subaru Impreza for a period of two years with the option to buy the Group N rally car at the end of the agreement. To be completely precise, the Group N rally car Prodrive Subaru Impreza has a price of 136.500 Euro or 120.000 British pounds or 196.000 dollars.