Toyota is recalling 2.3M cars for fixing accelerator pedals

Posted on Sunday, 24 January 2010 , 06:01:58 byEmil

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Toyota is recalling 2.3M cars for fixing accelerator pedals

You all know about the biggest recall of Toyota - 3.8 million cars sold approximately, either under the Lexus or Toyota badge are fitted with floor mats that are incompatible, blocking the accelerator pedal - this is at least the official motive - but now things are really serious. Toyota is concern about 2.3 million cars under the company nameplate are not fitted with floor mats.

Irv Miller – the Group Vice President of TMS said Toyota investigated these past months isolated cases of sticking mechanisms - accelerator pedal in some cars with no floor mats.

And that the investigation shows there's a possibility a few accelerator pedal systems may rarely, block (mechanically) in a depressed position (partially) or return to its idle position (slowly). That's why the firm initiated this recall action (voluntarily) – because they care about the buyers' safety.

The new recall of Toyota involves these units:

RAV4 2009-2010,
Corolla 2009-2010,
Matrix 2009-2010,
Avalon 2005-2010,
Camry 2007-2010,
Highlander 2010,
Tundra 2007-2010,
Sequoia 2008-2010

It appears the pedal on those models can become harder to slow for returning or depress. The accelerator pedal, in some cases, can get blocked, like it was on the 3.8 million vehicles recall.

Toyota is recommending to push, steady and firm, the brake pedal, not pumping it over and over.