Wasabi Green Interior: The Audi A1 shows its colors

Posted on Wednesday, 27 January 2010 , 01:01:17 byEmil

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Wasabi Green Interior: The Audi A1 shows its colors

•Wasabi Green makes for a distinctive accent color
•"We appeal to people who are looking for something new"
New colors for a new car. The Audi A1 has been designed with a love for detail that includes its innovative range of colors. For the interior, the designers have come up with something very special: Wasabi Green.

"A completely new car is always an exciting challenge for designers. Naturally, we looked for innovative solutions when it came to materials and colors as well," said Jana Bonkova, a color and trim designer at Audi.

"Having a wide range of possibilities for individual designs was the most important thing for us, and our objective was to combine the various materials with fresh colors. That`s how we came up with Wasabi Green - after drawing inspiration from trends in architecture, fashion, and the furniture industry."

Wasabi is a Japanese type of horseradish. It`s a hot spice with a distinctive, green color. "We use wasabi paste for meals to improve the flavor - but only in small amounts," Bonkova said. "It`s the same with the A1. Wasabi Green is used selectively to create accents, such as in details like seams. We want to use this color to appeal to people who simply want something new and fresh."