Pontiac Vibe was included in the recall of Toyota

Posted on Wednesday, 27 January 2010 , 08:01:23 byEmil

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Pontiac Vibe was included in the recall of Toyota

A unit of General Motors’ dead brand, is included in the recall of Toyota - involving faulty pedals of acceleration. It's simple actually, Vibe is a Toyota Matrix basically, a car that was included too in this recall, autonews.com reports.

Toyota said sometime ago that 2.3 million units will be recalled, including the Matrix 2009-10 car. A spokesman of GM affirmed the Pontiac Vibe 2009-10 is part of the recall, a model made and engineered in Fremont, Calif., by Toyota in a GM – Toyota joint venture.

Adler stated that all of it it's with Toyota, It’s a Toyota recall; the exception being it carries the Pontiac badge.

This joint venture, called the New United Motor Manufacturing Inc., stopped due to last year General Motors’ bankruptcy. GM affirmed it doesn't know how many Vibes will be recalled, as Toyota made the recall announcement about 7 minutes just before notifying the government.

An info exchange is the next step, as Toyota must inform General Motors on the quantity of Vibes in this recall and the way of fixing the issue. GM will notify the owners, fixing it at the dealerships of Buick-GM.

A spokesman for GM said also they had zero complaints involving the pedals of Vibe.