Woman won the Ohio Lottery and then died

Posted on Sunday, 31 January 2010 , 05:01:52 byEmil

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Woman won the Ohio Lottery and then died

Deborah McDonald, a 47-year old woman, died after winning this week the Ohio lottery. After years of money problems, she and Robert - her husband got a seat in the Cash Explosion Double Play tv show Ohio Lottery. Deborah won 8,000 Dollars, escaping from poverty.

2 best friends and her husband accompanied her to Columbus for cashing the winnings.

One of her best friends - Sherry Blissit said, quoted by fox8.com, that they went, got the money and the took some photos. She acquired for the both of us a ring of friendship.

They celebrated all day, shopping, a dinning at Red Lobster. After that, dancing and drinking at a tavern. Then... a car hit her.

Blissit said she she went outside first, before me and... she already got hurt.

Her husband affirmed he saw her first, down on the ground, already dead. No help was good enough.

The police tracked the vehicle heading westbound. Due to that big impact, Deborah was thrown right into some traffic stop, dying instantly. The driver wasn't charged with murder.

The show Cash Explosion Double Play aired recently a special message about her from the Lottery Commission in Ohio.