UK registration 1000 plate number sold at a price of 80,000 GBP

Posted on Sunday, 31 January 2010 , 04:01:26 byEmil

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UK registration 1000 plate number sold at a price of 80,000 GBP

The British adore personalized car number plates; it's been proven on many occasions they want to pay amazing sums of money, just for getting one plate fitting their character.

It happens quite often, as the DVLA Personalized British Registrations said it just sold the one thousand number plate (1OOO) for 80,000 GBP (incredible amount).

This 1OOO number plate got (this morning) the 80,000 GBP on auction in Wansford, Cambridgeshire, at the Haycock Hotel. They all were amazed as the number plate was acquired ( reports) for more than ten times its reserve cost.

The 1 LFD number got the 2nd place on this auction, for a price of 20,000 GPB. It's safe to presume the new owner has, at least, more than 1 vehicle as he can afford buying license plates for its 2 Fiats 500.

Damian Lawson, Marketing Manager of DVLA Personalized Registrations said the year got a really great start, there's hope for huge success from 1OOO plus all the registration delivered. The rest of 2010 will see even more O plates, triple.

The second auction DVLA Personalized Registrations this year is on March 24, at Old Trafford, Manchester United's home. There you will bid if you desire for the license plate no. 2000.