Garbage truck bed hits pedestrian bridge in Turkey

Posted on Monday, 1 February 2010 , 17:02:57 byEmil

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Garbage truck bed hits pedestrian bridge in Turkey

It is clear that you will never see a genius driving a garbage truck, but you would expect that the minimum requirement would be to have a brain. Well, the guy in the video below seems to lack a brain.

A garbage truck in Turkey was driving with its bed loose when it hit a pedestrian bridge over the highway. How stupid can you be to forget to check the bed of the garbage truck you are driving? Let us suppose it was a malfunction. Even if it this was the case, the driver should have checked and double checked to see if everything was ok and should have stopped at the exact moment when he would see that the bed of the garbage truck is not in place. Now that garbage truck was not a Toyota with a sticky accelerator, right?

At the exact moment when the bed of the garbage truck smashed the pedestrian bridge there were three people on it. Fortunately, everyone survived and more than that, only one person sustained injuries (which are not life threatening anyway). The idiot who was driving the garbage truck should never be allowed to drive for the rest of his life and should do at least a month or two of prison, if you ask me.

You can watch the entire video of the incident here