Volvo S80, V70 reached under 120-gram km level

Posted on Monday, 1 February 2010 , 05:02:21 byEmil

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Volvo S80, V70 reached under 120-gram km level

Today Volvo made an announcement concerning the availability of its new variants of the Volvo S80 or V70 diesel-powered, releasing less than 120g CO2 for every kilometer, eating abound 4.5l fuel (for 100). These 2 all-new units managing the feat bring all those Volvos, the Swedish builder made, that release so little CO2 emissions figure to just 5.

Volvo CEO - Stephen Odell stated for the press that there has been a development swift pace since the debut in Paris of the 1st 119-gram cars in 2008, autumn. The company presents 2 of the bigger vehicles in the range under the 120 gram (magical limit) so, only a few of the rivals can really match this, if the clients want true green models.

The CO2 levels reduction has been met by creating an intelligent system of recharging battery, reducing belt friction - the belt driving the alternator and compressor (air conditioning).

The fuel consumption reduction means the 2 Volvo units save sixty liters diesel at every 15,000 kilometers, which means less CO2 (with 150 kg) released in air.

Technical project Volvo manager - Ulf Nordstrom said the most important action is the smart battery recharging. This is how we reached under 120-gram level, giving the drivers breaks on tax in Europe. It's like the company gives the normal driver, every year, one tank for free.