Accelerator pedal issue stops production of Ford Transit in China

Posted on Tuesday, 2 February 2010 , 15:02:34 byEmil

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Accelerator pedal issue stops production of Ford Transit in China

In the middle of a huge faulty accelerator pedals problem that is seriously affecting Toyota, another automaker seems to have the exact same problem. A number of important newspapers, including USA Today and Associated Press, report that the American automaker Ford has stopped production of the Ford Transit Classic van in China because of a similar type of pedal assembly made by CTS as the ones accused for the recall of the Toyota models in the U.S.A.. CTS Corporation is an Indiana based supplier that practically caused the entire mess for Toyota.

It seems that Toyota has issued a new recall of 75.000 vehicles in China for the exact same problem the American automaker is experiencing with their Ford Transit Classic van.

Alan Mulally, CEO of Ford , has stated that ``When anybody has an issue in the industry, we check everything about the Ford system and production process``. He continued by saying that ``It's our assessment right now that this is very isolated``.

Seriously now, this is getting ridiculous. First Toyota, now Ford . Who will be next? I am wondering if any automaker will ever trust this CTS Corporation (formerly known as Chicago Telephone Supply) with the manufacturing of electric components for their cars. Hopefully, Toyota and Ford will manage to fix things up as soon as possible and leave behind all these incidents.