Toyota accused of concealing safety issues by former lawyer

Posted on Friday, 5 February 2010 , 04:02:24 byEmil

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Toyota accused of concealing safety issues by former lawyer

Things get worse for Toyota by the hour. Dimitrios Biller, a former lawyer for Toyota, is accusing the Japanese automaker of concealing safety issues. If this would turn out to be true, it would be a fatal hit for Toyota .

As you well know, the sticky accelerator and a faulty floor mat that affects use of the gas pedal have been the subject of a recall and production freeze affecting millions of vehicles worldwide. Still, none of these problems are related to the accusations of Dimitrios Biller. The former Toyota lawyer filled a federal lawsuit in which he accuses the Japanese automaker of tampering with and disposing of evidence. The federal lawsuit claims that corruption exists in the entire company, up to the boardroom in Japan. Dimitrios Biller also claims that Toyota withheld evidence in other lawsuits very frequently. The former Toyota lawyer says he acquired over 6000 internal papers during the time he worked for the Japanese automaker, claiming that he got hold on the papers when he was preparing a defense in a 2005 case related to a rollover accident. He found a large volume of documents that had not been given to him during visits at several Toyota offices.

Toyota is claiming that Dimitrios Biller is legally bound not to reveal documentation he acquired when he was an employee at the Japanese company. Still, if those documents would relate to a haphazard approach to public safety, an arbitrator might ignore the position of Toyota.

Before working for Toyota, Dimitrios Biller handled production liability litigation for Ford, amongst others. When he left Toyota, Dimitrios Biller received 3.9 million U.S. dollars in severance.