Military Ferrari 458 Italia spotted

Posted on Monday, 15 February 2010 , 19:02:47 byEmil

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Military Ferrari 458 Italia spotted

Well, if the United States Army would ever want to catch Osama bin Laden while trying to escape on a…camel, then this is the car they should use. Sure, it might have some problems on the sand and it might not be nearly as resistant as a Humvee, but get it on a decent road and it will storm away in the hot pursuit of your criminal. Heck, it is even faster than an Apache helicopter. Unfortunately, it does not come equipped with rocket launchers or machine guns, nor is it bullet proof but it looks extremely hot.

Actually, I was joking as this is not a real military Ferrari 458 Italia, but just a regular Ferrari 458 Italia that was camouflaged in the military style. More precisely, the Ferrari 458 Italia was vinyl wrapped by a German company named Cam Shaft that specializes in vinyl wraps, offering buyers a large range of colors and patterns including a more discreet white finish, which can be seen in the pictures below too. It is nice to see diversity once in a while, but for me a real Ferrari has to be red.

I remind you that the Ferrari 458 Italia is the successor of the Ferrari F430, getting its power from a 4.5 liter V8 engine capable of developing 560 horsepower and 540 Nm of torque. The Ferrari 458 Italia is assembled at the famous Maranello factory in Italy.

You can check out how the military style and matte white Ferrari 458 Italia looks like in the photos below.