Hyundai will debut ten units until the end of 2012

Posted on Monday, 15 February 2010 , 08:02:45 byEmil

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Hyundai will debut ten units until the end of 2012

Hyundai, the South Korean maker will launch ten all-new units in the upcoming two years, trying to refresh the lineup, bringing fresh cars on the worldwide market. The ix35, first on these series, rolled out past week in a few markets, well selected, will be followed then by some new-generation and facelifted units debuting in 2012 through the end.

In Italy, at the ix35 debut, Han Chang Kyun – the European president confirmed the short-term Hyundai product plan features up to ten units, including the small SUV, newly-unveiled.

He said they had 10 new units and car derivatives beginning this year with its ix35 model.

Hyundai will bring in the middle of this year, the facelifted varsions of both i30 and i10 units, followed by the MPV B-segment projected for debut in Q4 current year. A small coupe model will be following in the early next year, inspired from the Veloster concept that was displayed back in 2007.

Later the station wagon i40 will be included, scheduled for 2011 on the first quarter, followed by i30 the new-generation – 2011 – 3rd quarter, and in the late 2011, the i20 facelift will raise. The refreshed plan of production will stop with ix45, a car due to come in 2012 Q1, plus the MPV C-segment debuting in 2012 at the middle.