Rinspeed UC? coming to Geneva Motor Show

Posted on Tuesday, 16 February 2010 , 11:02:24 byEmil

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Rinspeed UC? coming to Geneva Motor Show

Rinspeed is an automaker and tuning company from Switzerland, which was founded back in 1979 by Frank Rinderknecht. The main specialties of Rinspeed consist in tuning modern vehicles from Subaru and Porsche as well as restoring classic cars. Also, each year they participate at their hometown event, the Geneva Motor Show, displaying exotic concept vehicles. Their latest projects include the Rinspeed sQuba, a concept car that can ``fly underwater`` and has zero emissions, the Rinspeed Splash which is a amphibian vehicle concept capable of doing 45 knots an hour on water and 200 km/h on land and the Rinspeed iChange, which is a concept car that changes shape and configuration based on the amount of passengers inside, up to three.

As the Geneva Motor Show is approaching fast, the Swiss automaker could not miss out so they presented the concept that they will be having on display next month. The name of the concept is Rinspeed UC?, which comes from ``Urban Commuter`` or the internet language for ``You see?``.

The Rinspeed UC? is a combination between a Axiam and a Fiat 500 in terms of styling, with the interior looking extremely weird, making you feel like you are in a cartoon with the unusual design and color combinations used.

The Rinspeed UC? is actually a concept micro car that uses an electric motor and a set of Lithium-ion battery pack, offering a driving range of about 65 miles or 105 kilometers on a full charge. The Rispeed UC? comes with two seats and enough room in the luggage compartment for some groceries. Fans of video games will feel at home as the Rinspeed UC? loses the traditional steering wheels and pedals in favor of a joystick. The electric motor has an output of 130 Nm of torque, allowing the vehicle to reach a maximum speed of 75 mph or 120 km/h. No word on the acceleration time though (I wonder why…).

You might say that there is nothing out of the ordinary until now, with the exception of the joystick instead of the pedals and steering wheel. Well, get ready for this. The Rinspeed UC? is said to introduce a new mobility concept that integrates individual car ownership and public transportation. More precisely, the Swiss automaker says that the Rinspeed UC? features an advanced railcar loading system that allows the driver to cover long distances by train.

Honestly, I do not understand how you can do this, practically. I mean, you connect your car to the last wagon of a train and off you go? Some further details would be appreciated…Until the official launch that takes place in two weeks, check out the photos below.