Mercury Tracer coming next year

Posted on Thursday, 18 February 2010 , 17:02:54 byEmil

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Mercury Tracer coming next year

I am certain that those of you living in the United States are way aware of the history and range of models of the Mercury brand, but usually people living outside the U.S. think of either a chemical element or a planet when they hear the word Mercury, or in some fortunate cases of the Roman god (if they went to school). Thus, I will make a short introduction for the Mercury company.

Mercury has been founded in 1939 by Edsel Ford, son of Henry Ford (the founder of Ford) and currently has its headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan. Being founded by the son of Henry Ford, it is easy to guess that Mercury is a division of Ford. Unfortunately, the Mercury brand has been losing a lot of money in the last couple of years, due to the poor marketing strategies, the lack of new interesting models in the range, which were not too different than the ones Ford marketed. You could say that in the last decade or so Mercury was put aside, in the backroom of the Ford company.

Now, after passing through extremely difficult times, Ford considered it was time to do something about Mercury. A recent report claims that Mercury might be reborn with the addition of a new small car to their range. Ford executives confirmed Mercury will get a version of the new generation Ford Focus, at a meeting where Ford outlined their future product lineup at which only dealers could participate.

This news comes to please the Mercury fans (do they even exist?), but the future of the Ford division is far from being secure.

Mark Fields, President of Ford America, has stated ``The trend toward fuel efficient vehicles is very important, and the trend toward small cars is coming back. Our strategy is pretty simple: have a broad based lineup``.

It seems that the new Mercury model based on the Ford Focus will hit the market next year, under the nametag Mercury Tracer.

You can watch a video of the new Ford Focus here