New Pagani C9 spied again in South Africa

New Pagani C9 spied again in South Africa

The economic recession hit every player in the car business, but it sure did not stop the development of new supercars. The latest supercar that is eagerly awaited to be officially launched is the Pagani C9. Still, the car is still in the testing phase. You would expect to see it somewhere in the hills of Italy or in the fabulous Alpine roads in France but it is not the case.

What we have here is a series of spy photographs in which we can see the Pagani C9 at a gas station in South Africa. The prototype of the Pagani C9 has a pair of yellow stickers on it that say ``Government Approved Highspeed Testing Vehicle``. Some people might say that the prototype looks really weird, but do not forget it is just in prototype form. Fortunately, the Pagani C9 prototype is only lightly camouflaged, so we get to see most of the exterior details.

The new Pagani C9 has a more aerodynamic overall shape, looking a little sportier than the Pagani Zonda (it is hard to believe, but a car can be more aerodynamic than the Pagani Zonda). Also, the Pagani C9 will get gullwing style doors.

Obviously, only a small number of people will afford the Pagani C9, so it is expected that it will be produced in maximum 100 units yearly. The world debut of the Pagani C9 will most likely take place this fall, but the actual date or even was not disclosed yet.

Even though there is no official information, the Pagani C9 will most likely get its power from a twelve cylinders 6.0 liters bi-turbocharged V12 engine that will have an output of 700 horsepower and over 1000 Nm of torque. The engine is said to be sourced from the AMG division of Mercedes Benz.

Photos via carscoop