The new Opel Astra received over 100,000 orders

Posted on Saturday, 6 March 2010 , 15:03:48 byEmil

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The new Opel Astra received over 100,000 orders

The all-new Opel Astra unit has just been debuted in December last year, it appears that this car - Germany-made is a hit; over 100,000 orders for this model have been placed all over the European territory. Opel anticipated for its new Astra, 180,000 orders for the 1st complete year sales.

Astra is now available only as a 5-door hatchback. Opel affirms that soon will follow a 3-door and a station wagon variant. This German hatchback also has been honored on Europe’s car world for the beautiful design, technology and innovation, like Goldenes Lenkrad award (Golden Steering Wheel) in Germany by AutoBild.

The brand new Astra had great success in Spain, becoming the only vehicle to get 3 top automotive press awards: Best Car of the Year in Spain by 54 car journalists on a poll that was sponsored by ABC newspaper, Readers Choice Prensa Ibérica by Spain, the La Vanguardia newspaper and Autofáci, the motor magazine, plus crowned in the Canary Islands as Car of the Year 2010.

The Vice President of Sales & Marketing - Alain Visser, said the traditional power of offering new technologies with lower costs is greatly-received and appreciated by clients in these difficult economic period. This is proving the innovative technologies mixture, a sporty, but elegant style plus top-quality work in the manufacturing department.