Electric Vito Taxi created by Mercedes in London

Posted on Tuesday, 30 March 2010 , 03:03:41 byEmil

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Electric Vito Taxi created by Mercedes in London

You'll see in London a special test program for electric vehicles, where a research Mercedes Vito Taxi variant has been created by a deal between a few British firms over these past 6 months. The car, funded partially by the United Kingdom Government’s Advantage Niche Vehicle Research & Development Programme, now meets the requirements of London Carriage Office, accommodates up to 6 people, offering a 120 km range on a charge of 6-hours.

Named E-Vito taxi, the unit is using an electric motor 70kW (95 hp), launched on market already by Zytek, using a Vocis gearbox, tailor-made, supplied by Graziano. This electric model runs with a Valence Li-Ion 35 kWh battery wrap, installed beneath the floor of the car (lowering the center of gravity of the vehicle, improving the stability). E-Vito has innovative solutions like a rear steerable axle, that's providing the turning circle 7.6m (25ft) required by the London black cabs - all licensed plus a conversion of the front drive that raises the space inside.

This electric engine is installed on the mounts of the original motor, requiring extra water, low voltage electrics and high voltage electrics connections. This communicates with the factory systems of the car, including Antilock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and onboard diagnostics (OBD).

The firms taking part on this project are the United Kingdom Mercedes-Benz, that donated Zytek - the base car, Valence Technologies and Penso, which is a consultancy partner.