Watch out for hookers in Italy

Posted on Wednesday, 7 April 2010 , 10:04:39 byEmil

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Watch out for hookers in Italy

There are a lot of crazy people in the world. Instead of trying to prevent contraventions from happening, authorities in Italy decided it was better to just warn the fair citizens to watch out for the people who are doing the contraventions.

I am talking about the authorities of Treviso, which is a small city in the north of Italy. They put up a road sign that reads ``Attenzione prostitute`` and shows a busty woman with high heels, holding a bag and wearing a mini dress. Obviously, the reactions of the people living in Treviso, Italy did not fail to come shortly after seeing this new sign.

Dino Vezino, a 34 year old local resident, said "I was driving in to work and saw this sign and had to slow down to get a proper look." He continued by saying that "I couldn't believe it - the woman has a mini-skirt and high heels on and very big breasts. I just couldn't work out what it was for? Does it mean I have to look out for prostitutes crossing or that they are available around here?"

Well, we do not know if the authorities had in mind just to prevent people accidentally hitting prostitutes or if the hooker community in the town paid a bunch of cash for some hidden advertising, but the situation is really funny. What next? A sign with ``Attenzione murderers``? Shouldn`t it be the job of the authorities to stop the prostitution from happening instead of just warning people about it? It seems that they know where hookers come at night, so what is stopping them to put an end to the entire thing?

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